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It’s tough to do it twice in just three years

I haven’t written much about my diet lately, mostly because I think it’s boring to read about.

The one thing that tends to freak me out about it is how ridiculously unhealthy it is to spend six months losing 112 pounds one year, gain it all back and then some the next year and then start losing it again the very next spring.

Part of my six miles.

The only thing dumber would be not to lose it, to be stumbling around the house weighing 284 pounds and counting down to a damn heart attack.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I started on March 1 and lost 34 pounds the first month. Then it got difficult. I lost 11 the second month, 10 the third and I made it through three months without getting halfway to my goal of 168.

I have lost two more pounds so far in June, which leaves me at 227. I’m only 10 or 15 pounds from all the great shirts I bought two years ago — including four Tommy Bahamas that I paid $75 each for at a half-price sale — fitting me really well. I probably need to get down to 190 or so for my pants (33 waist) to fit me well.

I’m exercising pretty much every day, either walking 5-6 miles or playing 18 holes of golf. My favorite walk is waiting until dusk and then spending a little more than two hours walking the entire golf course. Last week I got caught out on the course during a surprise downpour and walked home completely soaked.

It has been a strange spring.

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Weight loss, my office and a favorite old show

Short takes from a journey through a disorganized mind:

When people used to describe a period of time by saying it was “40 days and 40 nights,” they generally weren’t referring to five weeks and five days or to 960 hours.

No, when they said 40/40, it was a colorful way of saying “it was a long time, but we’re not sure exactly how long.”

Well, when I tell you I have completed the first 46 days of my effort to get back into shape, I am referring to the specific number — 31 days of March and 15 days of April — and I have a specific result. I have lost 42 pounds. Of course it’s essentially the same 42 pounds I lost two years ago en route to losing 112 pounds in six months.

I wish I had kept track — or better yet — that I could just remember exactly how much weight I have lost in all the various and assorted diets of my life. I’m pretty sure that it’s at least 400 pounds, which would be great if I had weighed something like 550 and how was down to 150. Of course that’s not the case; I have been on nature’s roller-coaster ride for the last 30 years or so, and at some point the mechanism is going to break.

I’m actually pretty good at losing weight. I just suck at keeping it off.

That has to change.


In my room.

Something about my office — the one room in our lovely house that is all mine — just makes me happy. Deep down happy.

Nicole has done a truly wonderful job of decorating the rest of the house. Our house is a real showplace. But my one room, with all its movie posters, sports memorabilia, photos and the like on the walls, is the nicest room I have ever had that I could call mine.

The built-in bookcases, which are packed to the gills with books and DVDs, fill an entire wall. A television set and storage cabinets occupy the opposite wall. I’ve got four autographed jerseys, of which there’s room on the walls for two at a time. Right now I’m looking at John Elway’s No. 7, and I’ve got Johnny Bench’s No. 5 on the wall behind my left shoulder.

Chipper Jones is packed away for now, and I’m looking forward to the arrival of a fairly rare minor league jersey of Tom Seaver from his one season below the major-league level. He was 12-12 with Jacksonville in 1966. The very next season, he won 16 games for the New York Mets.


It has been nearly 15 years since television shows started coming out on DVD, and there is one that has been in my sights for almost all that time.

I was living in St. Louis when “LA Law” first debuted in 1986, and almost everything about it spoke to me of how much I wanted to live in California.

I had always had my sights set on the San Francisco Bay Area rather than the Southland, and I nearly got a job in Marin County in January 1988. That didn’t happen, though, and in 1990 I got a job in Los Angeles and moved south to spend the next 20 years of my life.

When we left for our retirement in Georgia in November 2010, I was more than ready to leave. But now that the first season of “LA Law” is finally out on DVD, watching it really brings back memories.

Good ones.





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Time to get started doing things right again

Walking again

I wish I could explain why it’s so easy to lose good habits, even when you’ve been doing them for months and think they have become your lifestyle.

For months, I walked every day. I saw it as part of my routine and a day really felt incomplete without it. As a result, I got my weight down lower than it had been in more than 20 years and I felt wonderful.

I did my best to maintain the routine after moving here to Georgia, but I have not been good about it. I weighed about 182 pounds when I got here in mid November, but now I’m in the low 200s — probably about 205 — and except for a pair of shorts I’m wearing pretty much every day, my clothes don’t fit me.

I wasn’t going to put that in print. I had vowed never to weigh over 200 pounds again, and it fills me with a sense of shame to have to admit it. But I figure putting it out there for the world to see is the only way I’m going to be able to force myself to address the problem.

So, I walked today.

Not a great walk. Not the eight or nine miles I was doing before I got the infection in my toe. But I went out and walked for an hour — three miles on the loop.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I’ll either walk outside or go to the community center and walk on the treadmill. It’s just a question of continuing to put one foot in front of the other until I get back into the routine I was in last fall in California.

Eat less, exercise more.

Weigh less, feel better.

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Whatever happened to May 2010?

Damn, is it June already?

The month of May has tended to be a good one for me. It’s the month I have started nearly all of my successful diets — is “successful diets” sort of an oxymoron? — so I am definitely sort of sad to see it end.

It's June (Carter Cash, with Johnny)

This May was one of the best. Despite not starting till May 3rd, I lost 32.5 pounds, which means I reached 65 percent of my 50-pound goal for my two months in Texas and nearly a third of my long-term goal of dropping — dare I say it? — a hundred pounds.

I haven’t weighed 172 pounds since 1989. The last time I was significantly under 200 was in 1996, when I made it down to about 185, but I feel so damn good about the way things are going now that I have no doubt I can do it.

There are some other side benefits I expect to gain from this. I’ll be able to pack away the CPAP machine I have been using for years to help with my sleep apnea. Once I’m no longer overweight, apnea — indeed, snoring — just isn’t going to be a problem anymore.

In addition, when Nicole and I move to Georgia next spring, I am going to start playing golf without a cart. Walking 18 holes may take a little bit longer, but it will be wonderful exercise and will help me keep my weight down.

When this month ends, I will be getting ready to leave Texas and return home for the last nine months or so before we move to Georgia. I’ll definitely be counting the days to that event; I have been about as entertained by urban Southern California as I care to be.

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